CD Tradepost was founded in 1998 as a new and used music shop and over the last 21 years has grown into a regional chain of retail stores and mecca to all things geekdom. We buy sell and trade videogames, movies, vinyl records and music and all things related. After many years of buying geeky shirts wholesale we grew frustrated with the process. Being unable to control pricing, quality and distribution drove us crazy! So being the DIY entrepreneurs that we are… we decided to fix that! We did a ton of research and this is what we found…Our customers LOVE a nice shirt. The softer the better.Screen printing has a ton of limitations! Being a physical medium meant screens get reused, setup fees are always tacked on and color limitations are annoying.Pricing was a major pain point. Running out of a size sucks for your customers and you never sell out evenly. Having to order hundreds of shirts to keep stock is infuriating. After answering these questions we went and setup a state of the art digital print shop in our home office warehouse and Tradepost Tees was born. We went right to work designing and creating super cool tees for our stores and the response was awesome, so much so that other businesses started asking us if we could make shirts for them too! Fast forward a few years and commercial printing makes up a bulk of our production schedule, turns out our pain points were not unique and our retail friendly model solves our clients problems as much as it did ours.

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