Digital is king baby.
Screen printers use plastisol inks, one color per screen, to print on a shirt. Most screen printers will shoot you an ugly look and charge an arm and a leg when you bring up more than 3 colors. Our printer prints every color combination in the rainbow for the same price as a single color. Screen printers print at 30 dots per square inch. Our state of the art direct to garment digital printer prints up to 1080 dots per square inch! All of this really means that we can be as creative as we want and we never nickel and dime you with hidden charges and setup fees.

The biggest part of the equation is the fabric. We tested dozens of shirt brands and landed the very best 100% ring-spun cotton manufacturer as our house brand. Your customers will appreciate the hand feel, the durability and how our fabrics breath better than any other. Even better, you know those super nice shirts you see at a merch table at the biggest concerts in the world, you know the ones that they charge 40 bucks for but they feel amazing? We use the same stuff for our custom apparel.

Next is the price. Since we’re buying and printing so many shirts for us we are able to pass on our buying muscle to you. Our pricing is competitive but delivers a MUCH higher quality product. While we do have quantity based pricing up front, we actually LOCK IN your price for any future orders by design. So if you run out of mediums we replenish you at the same price as your initial order whether its for 5 shirts or 50.

We also pride ourselves on service. Being customer facing retailers ourselves we put customer service first and we try super hard to make your entire journey with us painless and easy whether it’s your first order or your hundredth. We turn orders around fast and work our butts off to make you happy.

Due to demand we quickly added more than just Tshirts. We cover just about any apparel item out there and if its flat… we can probably print on it! Hoodies, long sleeve, vnecks, kids tees, infant onsies and more. We also offer embroidery and high end corporate wear. Want to outfit your whole office in company swag? We got you.

Lastly, we love designing stuff. We talk about what we’d like to see on a shirt all the time and our in house designer is the BEST. So if you have an idea you’d like to see on a shirt, need a company logo designed or refreshed, we can totally do that.

So to recap.

Very High Quality fabrics on state of the art printing. No setup fees with an average turnaround of 10 business days.

Competitive transparent quantity based pricing with locked in replenishment rates.

Fast turn around times and shipping at cost.

Design work offered at a very reasonable price.


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